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  • Includes bamboo wood barbecue tongs with aluminium bottle opener
  • Comes with its own bag

The SKOTTI MAX Cap is our most multifunctional accessory. It broadens the range of food which you can prepare on the SKOTTI, especially food that requires longer cooking time. It makes grilling easy in windy places and on it‘s flat top you can toast your burger buns.

Put two or three stainless steel parts together and you have a simple windbreaker. You need a pizza oven? Leave one side open and you can bake your pizza.  Functionality is our passion: The Tongs turn your food, open your bottles and are the handle of the SKOTTI MAX Cap.

The individual parts of the SKOTTI MAX Cap are delivered in their own tarp bag but can easily be added to the Skotti bag as well.

Dimensions: 39cm x 30cm x 17.5cm

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